Digital  Restorations

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What Can Be Done

The following is a list of some of the ‘disasters’ that may happen to photographs and which can, in most cases, be fixed:

    • Photos that have been mended with ‘sticky tape’.
    • Creases and folds, both small and large, and ‘dog-eared’ corners.
    • Scratches of all sizes.
    • Marks such as mould and stains, or pen and other stray marks.
    • Torn and ripped photos - in some cases, it may be possible to replace or ‘fill in’ missing areas.
    • Fading or darkening - you’ll be surprised what details can be revealed when a picture is brought back to life.

Photographs can also be altered:

    • Colour photos can be changed to Sepia or Black and White
    • Sepia photos can be changed to Black and White, and vice versa.
    • Backgrounds can be changed.  You may have a lovely picture of, for example, a bride and groom, but the background may spoil the effect.
    • People or objects can be removed from or added to a photo, as in the following example:

© Photo used courtesy of L. & M. Cartwright

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