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Photo Restorations

Many people have old, damaged, mended or faded photos tucked away.

They can be given a new lease of life instead of being forgotten or thrown away.

The “Before and After” animation below shows an example of what can be done:

© Photo used courtesy of L. Pannell

The original photograph had darkened and become “silvered”, which is a common problem with photos of this age due to chemical reactions over time. This caused a significant loss of both clarity and detail, particularly at the bottom of the picture.  The restoration involved the removal of the silvering effect, tonal balancing and removal of marks and scratches. The background shadows caused by the camera flash were also significantly reduced. Finally, converting the picture to Black and White format greatly enhanced the overall finish.

This is a fascinating way to discover more about your ancestors - not necessarily just what they looked like.  There are many details that can be retrieved by restoring a photo.  For example, a favourite piece of jewellery your Great-Grandmother wore, or the time of day a wedding photo was taken. Even the background of a photo can reveal details of a family heirloom, or the location where the picture was taken.

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