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Pricing - Restorations

Because of the nature of the work involved, it is not possible to indicate fixed pricing for various types of restorations. Therefore, the prices listed below are intended purely as guidelines.  Where a price range is specified for a particular type of work, pricing may still be outside this range in some circumstances.
Before any work is commenced on your project, you will receive a free quote. This can be done either over the phone or by E-mail at your preference.  Only after you have approved this quote will the restoration work then proceed.

It is important to note that the price of the restoration work will NOT be determined in any way by the physical size of the project document.  The only considerations are the complexity of the work and the time involved. It is therefore possible for an A4-sized project which only involves minor repair work to cost significantly less than restoring an old, faded, torn 3-inch square family photograph.

Retouching               $15 - $25
Retouching is done to improve the effect of a photograph.  It is not as extensive as a restoration and therefore the finished project may still contain a number of flaws after the retouching is done, but the photograph is considerably improved. Examples of retouching work include changing the background, adding or removing a person or object, colour balancing, correction of fading or darkening of the whole photograph, red-eye removal and other minor repairs.

Minor Restoration              $45
Removal of minor spots, blemishes, dust marking or scratches.  Correction of medium overall colour casting such as “yellowing” or “pinking”. Small faded or dark areas corrected to match the overall colour.

Medium Restoration               $60 - $70
Removal of medium spots and blemishes, medium mould damage, stains, scratches, pen marks and tape residue.  Repair of small cracks, breaks, tears and creases.  Repair of heavy colour cast with minor variations. Repair of minor damage or heavy scratching to facial areas, or small areas of a photo that are significantly damaged or missing.

Major Restoration              $90
Replacement of larger missing areas of the image, including parts of faces or other body parts.  Repair of large or severe cracks, creases, stains and tape marks or residue across critical areas.  Repair of severe mould, water or other damage.

Severe Restoration               $120+
Photographs with extensive damage or other severe problems require a large amount of work and will need to be quoted on an individual basis.

The quoted price for a restoration project includes:
Scanning of original item - photographs, slides, negatives or paper documents all possible.
Actual restoration work.
One printed copy of the finished project, up to a maximum of A4 size.  Usually, the finished project will be printed at the same size as the original unless otherwise requested.

There are additional charges for the following:
Prints larger than A4 size will need to be quoted separately.
Extra copies of the finished project.
CD/DVD of the original scans and finished projects - $5 per copy

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