Digital  Restorations

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How It Is Done

The term “project” will be used from now on to describe the article being restored, whether it is a photograph, slide, negative, or printed or other paper document.

It is important to note that your original project is not altered in ANY way by the restoration process. All work is done on a digital copy of the project.
The first step in the process is Scanning the document.  This is done on a good quality scanner capable of up to at least 2400 ppi (pixels per inch) resolution. The actual resolution used will be determined to some extent by the amount of damage and physical size of the project, but as a general rule photographs will be scanned at no less than 400 ppi, slides and negatives will usually be scanned at 800 ppi or more, and paper documents at 200 ppi.  Projects are ALWAYS scanned in full Colour, even if the original is in Black and White or Sepia format, so that the full range of colour information is available in the digital copy.

Your original project will then be stored away in a closed environment, and will generally not be touched again until it is returned to you. Occasionally, it may be necessary to examine the project briefly for comparison purposes or examine fine detail more closely.

The Restoration work on the scanned project will be done using Adobe Photoshop CS3.

On completion, the project will be Printed on a high quality printer using long-life photo quality inks. The paper used for printing will be determined by the type of project and your requirements. For example, photographs (including those from slides or negatives) will always be printed on photographic-quality paper, but you will be able to choose either a Super High Gloss or a Semi-Gloss (Satin) finish. Ordinary paper documents can be printed on standard white paper, or on special (“fancy”) paper.

Finally, when the completed project is returned to you, you can also choose to have the original scanned files and the completed project files copied to a CD or DVD as a permanent record for your own use. A small additional charge will apply for the provision of this CD/DVD. 
Also, a copy of the completed project file will be retained by us, so that if you wish to have additional copies printed at a later stage, you just need to contact us to arrange this. A charge will also apply for these additional prints.
Please see the Pricing page for further details.

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