Digital  Restorations

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If audio restoration is required, then because of the nature of the work involved, it is not possible to indicate an exact price. However, the price range given below would be expected to cover most situations.  Quantity discounts may also apply, if you have a number of albums to be transferred.
Before any work is commenced on your audio project, you will receive a free quote. This can be done either over the phone or via E-mail at your preference.  Only after you have approved this quote will the work then proceed.

Transfer to CD (without restoration)                   $7.50 per album
Please note that in this situation, some minor restoration work may still be done, in areas such as volume level and overall sound quality. This is included in the price. However, no work will be done to remove clicks, scratches and other blemishes.

Transfer to CD (including full restoration)          $12.50 - $20 per album

The term “album” is used to describe a collection of music, as in the case of a standard LP record.  Generally, one LP record will be burnt to each CD.
In the case of other records, such as 45 and 78 rpm discs, which generally only have one track on each side, an “album” is made up of as many tracks as will fit on a CD. This can be anywhere from about 10 up to 25 tracks, depending on length of individual pieces.

The CD’s used have inkjet-printable labels, and the price quoted includes design of and printing on the CD label, a CD case, and a “booklet” with track listings.

Please note that only ONE copy of each CD will be provided.